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Jachranka, a town located near Warsaw and on the Zegrzyński Lake, will be a place where the Third International Congress of Hunting Culture will take place from August 30th to September 1st. This time the meeting will be of special significance and exceptional setting - as it is one of four central events organised by the Polish Hunting Association authorities to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Polish Hunting Association.

The Third International Congress of Hunting Culture will be held under the banner of: "Polish hunting culture and Europe". It is meant to emphasise the significance of the common European hunting history and demonstrate the mutual relations of hunting cultures represented by specific countries or nations. The conference organisers would also like to emphasise the strong position of Polish hunting culture in comparison to other countries as well as a very important role of hunting in the Polish national culture.

For the first time in the history, the congress in Jachranka will gather during the sessions both hunters and non-hunting scientists, who have been researching the hunting culture for many years. It will also be an extraordinary event in terms of the number of guests, including foreign speakers. Hunting culture specialists from Russia (including a big scientific representation from the State Hermitage Museum in Sankt Petersburg), Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic have confirmed their participation in the congress and that they will deliver lectures during this event.

Apart from plenary and panel sessions, also many other interesting events concerning widely understood hunting culture will be held. These include special occasional exhibitions, hunting music concerts, presentations and hunting cuisine tastings.

We encourage everybody who is interested in hunting culture in Poland and Europe to take part in the Third International Congress of Hunting Culture. The logistics service provider - Warszawianka Hotel ( provides comfortable environment for constructive discussions about hunting culture.